Pumpkins, pumpkins EVERYwhere!!!

I was offered a surplus of pumpkins … a very LARGE surplus! I was told there were about 200 hundred extra pumpkins, and I could have them for free. I’m glad I came with a truck … too bad the trailer wasn’t in good enough shape to travel that far! I actually did manage to pack more than 200 of them into the truck, but the bed was filled and pumpkins were strapped in everywhere, the back seat area was filled with pumpkins to the roof. I had planned to get dog food that day, but there was no more room! So, after loading the pumpkins (they had to be carried across a field first), driving them home, and unloading them onto a tarp for temporary storage, I counted and estimate that I now have just about a ton weight of pumpkin in front of the house. And … I am very … VERY tired!


It should help tremendously with feed costs though. The goats love pumpkin, the chickens will eat it, the ducks, geese, and muscovies are eating a little, and even the llama and rabbits nibble it. The seeds are a great hit with the chickens (and I plan to have some toasted as well!) and they are supposed to help prevent worms.


I can see pumpkin pies and pumpkin bread in my future as well. Yummy!!! Now to get busy …


About Inspired Ink

Artist, crafter, writer, experimental chef extraordinaire ;) ... farmer, mom, teacher, gardener, natural health enthusiast. I love my life, am surrounded by animals that make me laugh and entertain me, from silently chattering muscovies to a dancing llama. My favorite hobby right now is finding old things at the flea market and turning them into something new and different. I love to surround myself with beautiful things (beauty is always in the eye of the beholder), better yet if they are made by my own hands. I love to dance, to sing, to smile and laugh. Life is good!
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