Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Today I am blessed to be able to drive the 3 hours to visit my family. I SO enjoy spending time with them, but it’s been exactly a year since I’ve been back there. About a month ago I met a young man in the neighborhood (if I can call a 12 year old a young man) who had quite an interest in my farm and animals. He was willing to give the evening feeding and lock everyone up safely for the night (a chore that begins just after 4pm right now) so that I could spend time with my family. I paid him what I could afford, which wasn’t much, and gave him a rooster to go with his two hens, and a couple of cartons of duck eggs for his mother. In return, he came over almost every day for the past week and helped me with my animals in order to learn the routine, did a wonderful job while I was gone, and even brought me fallen wood from their property and helped with cutting and stacking it, since they don’t have a fireplace. I hope he likes cookies, because I’m going to have some baked for him the next time he comes over. He gave me Thanksgiving with my family – a wonderful gift.


And speaking of baking, I took a caramel apple pie (I’ll post the recipe next week!) and two pumpkin pies, as well as my version of fruit salad – which I am told is not really fruit salad, since I don’t add any “dressing”. My fruit salad is fresh apples, bananas, and grapes (this time … sometimes strawberries!); canned peaches and mandarin oranges; garnished with shredded coconut, chopped pecans, and a few cherries. They tell me this is “Ambrosia” and not fruit salad. I like the sound of that, so I’ll take it.  (smile)


I hope all my readers had a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving, filled with family and friends and good food. Enjoy!!!


About Inspired Ink

Artist, crafter, writer, experimental chef extraordinaire ;) ... farmer, mom, teacher, gardener, natural health enthusiast. I love my life, am surrounded by animals that make me laugh and entertain me, from silently chattering muscovies to a dancing llama. My favorite hobby right now is finding old things at the flea market and turning them into something new and different. I love to surround myself with beautiful things (beauty is always in the eye of the beholder), better yet if they are made by my own hands. I love to dance, to sing, to smile and laugh. Life is good!
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