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Merry Christmas & Llama Kisses!!!

Merry Christmas!!! I know it’s early, but I just got this back from Jack at Pet Photo Fun and I thought it was SUCH a cool idea for a Christmas gift, that I decided to share it early. There’s still … Continue reading

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You can lead a duck to water …

But you cannot make them splash! Actually, my ducks love to troop out to the temporary “pond” created by all the rain we’ve been having, and splash happily away. Spying them through the window, I think to myself, “Now’s my … Continue reading

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Geese goings-on

The geese obviously can’t read a calendar. They usually don’t think about breeding until around January, but — well, let’s just say things are getting very noisy and a lot of wing-flapping is going on around the pool these days. … Continue reading

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Pumpkins and sprouts

Haven’t posted in a week — I’ve been crazy-busy trying to earn some money. I expect I’m not the only one in that boat. But I have to make time for other things too. 🙂 I’m hoping to start adding … Continue reading

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Rain Rain (don’t go away!)

Well, something almost new here. It’s been raining. For about three days now. Even though everything is mucky and I can’t do much outside, I don’t want to complain, since we’ve been through what is possibly the worst drought on … Continue reading

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New chicks … again!

Well, my 2nd-best little silkie (Fidget) has successfully hatched another brood. She takes smaller nests than the others. I can usually put 8 eggs under another hen, but this girl pushes them away if there are too many, so I … Continue reading

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Chores, chores

Just trying to organize tasks this week. I have several rabbit does due to kindle over the next week, and the ones that still have family members in with them are going to have the extras removed to their own … Continue reading

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