Rain Rain (don’t go away!)

Well, something almost new here. It’s been raining. For about three days now. Even though everything is mucky and I can’t do much outside, I don’t want to complain, since we’ve been through what is possibly the worst drought on record. Rain means grass in the pasture, and clover in the backyard.

The ducks love the rain in the daytime too … waddling all around and flapping their wings, chattering their beaks toward the sky. I wonder if they are trying to catch raindrops on their tongues? Whatever the case, they adore rain, and mudpuddles, and the filling of the pools.

Their coop is a mucky mess though, since ducks need minimal protection from the weather (and they were actually supposed to be slaughtered before now) so it’s only a wire-sided coop with a tin roof. Tonight they are sleeping along the fence inside their run with the coop doors open. I hope it isn’t a mistake, but their pen is only a few feet from the house, and the coyotes don’t usually hunt in the rain. The three geese that grew up with them are in their pen too, so if anything should happen, I should hear about it. I might sacrifice some hay tomorrow to the floors of their coops … it’s supposed to rain for a few more days and freeze tomorrow night and the next. Or I might move them to the bigger coop in the back, which would take some effort since it’s hard to herd ducks into an unfamiliar coop, especially since I didn’t have the foresight to build it against a fence so I could funnel them in.

The chickens have been totally unfazed though. Mine have apparently never heard the saying “madder than a wet hen.”  They spent the entire day doing what they always do, searching the yards and pastures for bugs and other tasty treats, paying no mind to the rain at all.

My dog on the other hand really underscores what this drought has been. He’s under two years old, and has experienced very little rain in his life. He needed to go outside the other day and it was pouring … I opened the door to show him and he crouched down and looked outside, bewildered, then at me as if to say, “What is THAT? Is the sky falling?” Poor guy, it was really kind of funny.  He’s getting used to the idea though, and went outside to do his business just fine today.  I noticed he didn’t spend as much time making the regular rounds though. I think like me, he prefers to be inside and warm on cold wet days. I certainly can’t blame him!


About Inspired Ink

Artist, crafter, writer, experimental chef extraordinaire ;) ... farmer, mom, teacher, gardener, natural health enthusiast. I love my life, am surrounded by animals that make me laugh and entertain me, from silently chattering muscovies to a dancing llama. My favorite hobby right now is finding old things at the flea market and turning them into something new and different. I love to surround myself with beautiful things (beauty is always in the eye of the beholder), better yet if they are made by my own hands. I love to dance, to sing, to smile and laugh. Life is good!
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